New Stone and Concrete 3DL Designs

March 2023
Synergy Thermal Foils Quite Stone

Synergy Thermal Foils Quiet Stone deep emboss

Say hello to our new deep emboss concrete and stone designs.

These first-of-their kind additions to Synergy Themal Foils’ portfolio forge new pathways for cabinet door and drawer stylings.

Our new Quiet Concrete and Quiet Stone 3D PET films color match the taupe of Uniboard’s K84 TFL and HPL panels.

Our new Willow Concrete and Willow Stone 3D PET films color match the beige- grey of Uniboard’s 802 TFL and HPL panels.

These front-of-trend designs have the same high mar and scratch resistance you expect from all other Synergy 3DLs. They can be flat laminated, post formed, membrane pressed, miter folded and profile wrapped for cabinet, closet systems, furniture, store fixtures and more.

Willow Stone

Quiet Concrete

Willow Concrete

And Now There Are Four

March 2023

Last month we introduced three new deep-embossed oak designs to our Matching Program through special arrangement with Uniboard. This month we are excited to announce the addition of a fourth 3DL oak design to the program: Tektonik.

Tektonik, like the previously released Natura, Taupe and Ecru, matches TFL and HPL panels available exclusively through Uniboard distributors.

Uniboard’s Narbonne Oak collection is characterized by its simple, slightly truncated cathedrals, clear lines, and small knots. Due to its color and homogeneous texture, these classic oaks can be used universally, including for furniture, cabinets, closets and architectural woodwork projects.




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A Trio of New Matching Uniboard Oaks

February 2023
Uniboard Taupe

Synergy Thermal Foils has a perfect match with Uniboard Taupe TFL and HPL panels.

Synergy Thermal Foils, in collaboration with Uniboard, introduces the Narbonne Oak collection of textured 3DLs. All three colors – Natura, Taupe (featured above) and Ecru – have matching TFL and HPL panels available exclusively from Uniboard distributors.

This Oak is characterized by its simple, slightly truncated cathedrals, clear lines, and small knots. Due to its color and homogeneous texture, these classic oaks can be used universally, including for furniture, cabinets, closets and architecutral woodwork projects.




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New Woodgrain Designs Took Center Stage in 2022

January 2023

We launched two major embossed textured 3DL collections last year, one matching TFL designs with Kronospan and the other with Funder America. Here they are in all of their glory, just in case you missed them.







OatfieldCocoa. Gris and Minearal, Hazlenut, and Sel all match embossed-in-register Lakeland Walnut TFL from Kronospan. All six walnuts result from an exclusive North American arrangement between STF and Kronospan.

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We partnered with Funder America to introduce three new elm designs Rococo, Sultana and Corvina, Niagara and Nebbiolo the International Woodworking Fair. Each of these trend-setting decorative surfaces has a match with Funder Cabrera Elme textured TFL collection.

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Next month we will showcase new 3DL design matches with Uniboard. Feel free to contact us now if you want to be among the first in the know.

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Featured Designs: Gris & Mineral

November 2022


Synergy Thermal Foils introduces two new walnut designs to its extensive in-stock 3DL collection. Gris and Mineral are the latest matches to embossed-in-register Lakeland Walnut TFL from Kronospan, joining previously available Cocoa and Oatfield. All four walnuts are part of an exclusive North American arrangement between STF and Kronospan.

Austria-based Kronospan has invested nearly $1 billion to develop and grow its multi-faceted manufacturing facility in Oxford, Ala., since its initial start-up in 2008. When Kronospan began producing particleboard in Fall 2019, it became the only manufacturer in North America to produce MDF/HDF, MUF/UF resins, treated paper, laminated HDF and TFL/MF PB, laminate flooring, and particleboard on one site.

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Value Engineering with Laminates

November 2022

Egger Industries, one of our matching TFL partners, has created this educational video that provides an excellent discussion of how value engineering with decorative laminates can help deliver high-quality, performance and value to customers.

Watch video.

Surface & Panel Goes One on One with Synergy President

October 2022

In case you missed it, Synergy President Amir Bakhtyari, was featured in the Q3 2022 issue of Surface & Panel magazine. (Note: Please bear in mind that his comments were submitted back in July. Supply chain challenges and gas price pressures have largely stabilized, only to be replaced by economic inflation concerns.)

Bakhtyari responded to a trio of questions poised by the editors of S&P. He shared his thoughts and experiences about ongoing supply chain challenges, including some of the initiatives Synergy has taken to service customers through these extraordinary times.

“Our response has included stocking up inventories of foil at our expanded South Florida facility and adding a warehouse on the West Coast to service customers. We can cover the customers who buy one each of eight colors but when a customer needs material for a 150-unit project, we encourage them to plan ahead.”

He also addressed design trends. “I think the biggest emerging trend is matching programs. I don’t hear a lot of cabinet or store fixture customers say they just want white oak or walnut foil anymore. What they really want is a white oak or walnut thermofoil that matches a specific brand of TFL or HPL.”

Read the full Q&A.

Bonus Press Coverage
We were also recently featured in Woodworking Network’s IWF Materials Finder and Surface & Panel’s IWF Products Preview.

Back in the Saddle at IWF

October 2022

It felt great to be “live” again at the International Woodworking Fair Atlanta, August 23-26.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth during the show. We appreciate your interest, your feedback, and of course, your business!

If you didn’t see us, please feel free to contact us to learn more about the new Oaks, Elmes, Walnuts and other 3DL designs that we displayed.

In the Wake of Hurricane Ian

October 2022

Our hearts go out to all of the victims and families of Hurricane Ian.

The Category 4 storm claimed more than 100 lives, wreaked billions of dollars in damage and left thousands of residents without homes. The rebuilding will be massive and take years to complete. But it will get done.

Synergy Thermal Foils stands at the ready to furnish our customers with the decoreative surface materials they need to make cabinets, closets and other products that will help Gulf Coast residents rebuild their lives.

Here’s to better days.

Featured Design: Elme Collection

September 2022

Sultana Elme

We’re excited to introduce our new Elme designs at the International Woodworking Fair this week.

All three of these trend-setting decorative surface have a mathing TFL with with Funder America’s Cabrera Elme textured TFL collection.

Stop by booth C-1208 if you’re in the IWF neighborhood.

Come See Us at IWF!

August 2022


The International Woodworking Fair is open! We’re there in force displaying our newest and most in-demand designs.

In addition to our Elme designs featured above, we are showcasing two new walnuts and four new oaks..

Cocoa and Oatfield are two new wonderful walnut woodgrains that match designs by the same names of TFL panels offered by Kronospan. Cocoa is a rich, dark chocolate walnut, while Oatfield is a lighter color with a strong grain character.

Carolina Oak

Carolina Oak

Our four new instant-classic oaks include HighlandsWilliamsburgCarolina and Charleston. Each matches textured TFL panels offered by Funder America.

If you’re attending the show, be sure to stop by and see us at booth C-1208. See and feel our textured 3DLs and let us know how wc can help you choose the perfect design for your next project.

If we aren’t going to see you at the show, contact us to receive samples of our latest designs.


Trendspotting: Despertar, an Orangey-Red that ‘Stirs the Senses’

August 2022


The Color Marketing Group (CMG), the international arbiter of color and design trends, spotlights Despertar in its July Color Alert.

CMG describes Despertar, which translates at “awakening” in English, as “an intense, vibrant, and highly saturated orange that is symbolic of the sun’s power and the rich life of the earth, all suggesting great growth and strength. It is a color to symbolize the awakening of future experiences, expressions, and actions in life.”

Synergy Thermal Foils Red Gloss

Orangey-red Despertar emanated from CMG’s Latin America color workshops and is “is emerging in 2022 with broad reach in apparel and interior décor as well as expanding to visual communications and accessories from home to fashion,” including furniture and entry doors.

Despertar is not included in STF’s catalog. But if you are looking for someting in a similar vein color to stir the senses, then check out our Red Gloss.

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