With a pedigree in wood products and a passion for technology-driven processes, Uniboard manufactures decorative TFL panels that offer benefits on every level. The company produces its own particleboard, MDF and HDF composite wood substrates, including specialty formulations that are 100% recycled softwood fiber, FSC-Certified and can contribute to LEED credentialing. In terms of aesthetics, Uniboard’s collection includes more than 100 fashion-forward designs and many finishes. Both the look and the performance of Uniboard’s TFL panels are enhanced by the company’s expertise in the area of laminate flooring production. Applying similar technologies, Uniboard brought the first embossed-in-register textured TFL designs to market for use in furniture, retail, cabinetry, millwork, moulding, slotwall and other commercial and residential applications. Uniboard products are distributed throughout Canada, as well as the Midwestern and Northeastern portions of the United States.

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