PET Laminates

Our PET films come in high gloss and super matte finishes to replace lacquered wood finishes. PET finishes are more affordable, highly environmentally friendly and perform better than wood finishes.

PET laminates are used over MDF as covering for furniture surfaces by flat lamination or profile wrapping methods that don’t require any solid wood or finishing once applied to the substrate. Just peel the protective film and your furniture is ready for living.

You can expect these features on our PET surface finishes:
– PET Film is fully recyclable, as easily as a water bottle. Recycled PET is also available by using 70% recycled PET and 30% virgin PET to make R-PET Film.
– REACH Compliant: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals is one of the strictest eco-friendly regulations in the EU.
– Gloss Level over 90 with superior light resistance than lacquer finishes.
– Matte Level under 10 with anti-finger properties.
– All our PET laminates are scratch, stain and chemical resistant for timeless durability and easy cleaning.
– Suitable for 2D wrapping and 1D flat lamination.

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