Second Look: Stone & Concrete Designs

June 2023

Quiet Stone

Willow Stone

Our new Quiet Concrete and Quiet Stone 3D PET films that we showcased in last month’s newsletter have drawn a considerable amount of inquiries and requests for samples from our customers.

They lend themselves well as a lighweight and cost-effective alternative to solid surface and stone countertops.

Our new Quiet Concrete and Quiet Stone designs match the taupe of Uniboard’s K84 TFL panels and HPL sheets. Other matches include Tafisa L764 Daybreak, Kronospan K096 Clay Grey, Egger U727 Stone Grey, and Arauco SF232.

Our new Willow Concrete and Willow Stone 3D PET films color match the beige- grey of Uniboard’s 802 TFL panels and HPL sheets. You can also achieve a matching look with Arauco SF255 Willow, Egger U702 Cashmere, Funder 910 Ashen, Kronospan S981 Cashmere, and Tafisa L763 Morning Dew.

Quiet Concrete

Willow Concrete

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