New Designs

Surge in Solids

October 2017

When it comes to kitchen style, contemporary design has become the most popular style across all age groups (Houzz Kitchen Trends Study 2017). The contemporary kitchen with its clean lines and high functionality utilizes whites and neutrals with a pop of color to create a pallet that’s exciting, yet refined. To obtain the sleek and livable feel that many homeowners are opting for, solid colors have been a driving force, leading STF to introduce a range of solid colors that look and feel just like painted doors.

Our solid paint collection currently offers four colors that all have a corresponding Sherwin Williams (SW) paint match: Battleship Grey (SW Peppercorn 7674), Gun Metal Grey (SW Gauntlet 7019), Deep Blue Sea (SW Gail Force 7605) and Folkstone Grey (SW Knitting Needles 7672). You can also find TFL matches from Arauco, Panolam, Tafisa or Uniboard. HPL matches can be found from Arborite, Formica, Nevamar or Wilsonart.

Go ahead and leave the mess and headache of painting doors behind you and opt for a more durable and economical solution for today’s kitchen trends. The three shades of grey and a dark blue can be paired in various combinations along with white cabinets which will add a simple and clean elegance to any contemporary design.

Featured image: Deep Blue Sea – Nevamar Deep Blue S302, Panolam Deep Blue 3022, Sherwin Williams Gale Force 7605

Battleship Gray – Tafisa Sundown L768 Arborite T768 Sundown Sherwin Williams Peppercorn 7674

Gun Metal Gray – Arauco Fossil SF233 Panolam Fossil FB2330 Formica Citadel 1097 Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Grey 7019

Folkstone Gray – Wilsonart Fashion Grey D381 Tafisa Summer Drops L202 Uniboard Sunset Grey 805 Sherwin Williams Knitting Needles 7672

Ultralam: Synergy’s New Flat Laminate Collection

September 2017

STF is known for our wide range of 3D laminates and the extensive matching program with over 100 designs. However, as our customers’ needs change we like to rise to the challenge to bring forth new and innovative products to complement our current product offerings. This is why we are proud to present our latest product line addition: The Ultralam Collection.

The Ultralam collection features flat laminates in a range of colors that come in three finishes: ultra-gloss, ultra-matte, and ultra-emboss. Ultralam is highly scratch resistant, resistant to UV rays and discoloration and extremely easy to clean.

Recent design trends have seen a shift away from traditional style to a more modern and contemporary design. (Houzz 2017 Kitchen Study) The Ultralam collection offers you a sleek and contemporary design that everyone is searching for. These high-end laminates will take your finish product from beautiful to breathtaking.

This Month’s Feature: Pearl Series

White, black and grey are the hottest colors trending from kitchens to store fixtures, however, too much of one color can overshadow your final design. The new pearl series in the Ultralam collection adds a dash of shine within your solid color, giving your finished project the optical illusion of a pearl finish.

Daybreak Pearl Ultra-Gloss 1D

Twilight Pearl Ultra-Gloss 1D

We wanted to start by highlighting two items in a metallic gloss finish; Daybreak Pearl and Twilight Pearl Ultra-Gloss.  These two would look great together because they share an ultra-smooth, super high gloss finish that is highly scratch and stain resistant.   Testing shows these luxury polymer laminates are more impact and scuff resistant than standard acrylic ABS.

Shades of Grey

August 2017

Folkstone Grey (matte) is such a high demand color, we are now offering it in a second finish: gloss.

With hundreds of shades of gray, the new Folkstone Grey Gloss is on the opposite tone spectrum of our successful Shark Grey Gloss. Pairing with a wood grain or even other solids will give your finished product just the right touch.

Corresponding TFL matches can be found with Tafisa, Roseburg, Dixie Funder, Arauco and KML to name a few. Matching HPL can be found with Formica or Wilsonart.

Folkstone Gloss (Left) paired with a Smokewood island

Greys are here to stay

July 2017

White and black have always had a prominent place in cabinet designs, however, there has been a surge of gray tones. The popularity of sleek, sophisticated gray color schemes have soared in the last few years and has no outlook to stop. Staying on top of today’s trends STF has released Battleship Grey, a new solid matte gray. With matching TFL from Tafisa (Sundown L768), this color is bound to have a timeless look for any completed project.

Seas The Day

June 2017

Dive right in with STF’s latest addition, Deep Blue Sea. This beautiful deep blue solid matte RTF is the latest design trend for kitchen cabinets, closets and accent pieces. This color will catch everyone’s attention as whole kitchen or as an accent piece. Matching TFL can be found from Panolam (Deep Blue LL40) and HPL from Nevamar (Deep Blue S3022).

Go ahead and test the waters and request a sample now!

5 Years Strong

February 2017

While some design trends come and go, Hemlocks Grey and Driftwood are two designs that are becoming timeless classics. Introduced into the STF stocking program 5 years ago, utilizing the same design structure in two tones of grey make Hemlocks Grey and Driftwood perfect complementary designs. As two of the first design offerings in a heavy emboss, these two colors have become some of the most popular designs from STF.

Driftwood has corresponding TFL matches from Flakeboard and American Laminates. Hemlocks Grey has corresponding TFL matches from KML, Egger and Salt/Cleaf. Synergy Thermal Foils also offers the complementary edgebanding for these two designs.


Hemlocks Grey

100 and Counting…

January 2017

STF strives to offer a wide range of designs with each passing years always staying current with the market trends. This month STF is celebrating its 100th addition to our international design collection with the latest color Fontana Night.

While some design trends come and go others have remained becoming timeless classics. STF’s North American Stocking program proudly offers 90 different designs in a variety of colors and textures. From time-honored designs such as Chocolate Pear and Honey Maple to new and trending colors Silverwood and Smokewood. Synergy Thermal Foils has you covered for any and all of your RTF needs.

With a Cherry on Top

November 2016

With the year quickly coming to an end, STF has decided to top off the year end  with yet another new design: Cherry Hill. This beautiful wood grain matches Arauco (Flakeboard) Cherry Hill Plank. This impeccable design will leave your customers asking for more! This structure is one of the most popular cherry designs, it is also offered in two additional colors: Lewis Cherry and Clark Cherry. Lewis Cherry matches Uniboard’s Choco Cherry and Clark Cherry matches Funder’s Lewis Cherry.


Pearly Whites

October 2016

STF is back at it again! We have introduced yet another new color in two distinct textures. White Ash is our newest white wood grain and Glacier White is the latest solid with a matte finish; both match a wide range of major TFL and HPL manufactures. White is a go-to design for many homeowners with 34% of new kitchens completed in white, these two new designs will not fail to please your customers.

White Ash

White Ash

Glacier White

Glacier White

Silky Smooth Sounds

September 2016

STF is continuing the trend by adding yet another impeccable design: Aria. Going the extra Synergy mile, this new design is now stocked in two textures. Silk Teak has an wood tick finish and Aria TX has an deep emboss finish. The corresponding TFL is available from Arauco Prism (Flakeboard); Aria WF340. Be prepared to receive a standing ovation when using STF’s latest 3D laminate.

Silk Teak

Silk Teak

Aria TX

Aria TX

The Real Deal

July 2016

Synergy Thermal Foils is on fire with addition of over 20 new, remarkable designs within the past six months. This month’s latest addition is yet another exceptional design, Verismo. A corresponding TFL match is offered by Arauco (Flakeboard).  Our latest 3D laminate is bound to leave everyone impressed by its flawless design.