Ultralam: Synergy’s New Flat Laminate Collection

September 2017

STF is known for our wide range of 3D laminates and the extensive matching program with over 100 designs. However, as our customers’ needs change we like to rise to the challenge to bring forth new and innovative products to complement our current product offerings. This is why we are proud to present our latest product line addition: The Ultralam Collection.

The Ultralam collection features flat laminates in a range of colors that come in three finishes: ultra-gloss, ultra-matte, and ultra-emboss. Ultralam is highly scratch resistant, resistant to UV rays and discoloration and extremely easy to clean.

Recent design trends have seen a shift away from traditional style to a more modern and contemporary design. (Houzz 2017 Kitchen Study) The Ultralam collection offers you a sleek and contemporary design that everyone is searching for. These high-end laminates will take your finish product from beautiful to breathtaking.

This Month’s Feature: Pearl Series

White, black and grey are the hottest colors trending from kitchens to store fixtures, however, too much of one color can overshadow your final design. The new pearl series in the Ultralam collection adds a dash of shine within your solid color, giving your finished project the optical illusion of a pearl finish.

Daybreak Pearl Ultra-Gloss 1D

Twilight Pearl Ultra-Gloss 1D

We wanted to start by highlighting two items in a metallic gloss finish; Daybreak Pearl and Twilight Pearl Ultra-Gloss.  These two would look great together because they share an ultra-smooth, super high gloss finish that is highly scratch and stain resistant.   Testing shows these luxury polymer laminates are more impact and scuff resistant than standard acrylic ABS.

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