Residential Furniture Sales

March 2017

Residential furniture manufactures ended the year on a high note. According to a report from Smith Leonard, new furniture order were up 11 percent over 2015 and overall for the year up 3 percent.

Shipments were also strong, up 15% over December 2015 bringing the total increase for the year 1% over 2015, when shipments were up 6% over 2014. While only 43% of the participants reported increased shipments for 2016, 61% of the participants did report increased shipments for the month.

Backlogs fell 8 percent from November as shipments exceeded new orders while receivables and inventory levels remained in good shape.

Factory and warehouse employee levels seemed in line with current business. Factory and warehouse payrolls were up in December but that was likely the result of the strong orders and shipments, the report said.

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