Own a Home Just Like Elon Musk’s for Under $50,000

November 2021
Backyard Boxabl Install in Texas – Are You Ready for the Hour House! – YouTube
Rumor has it that Elon Musk took up residence in a 375-square-foot pre-fabricated home after he bolted from California to Texas.
Not only has the tiny home’s maker, Boxabl eluded to Musk being a customer, the billionaire of Tesla and SpaceX fame, tweeted that he was indeed living (as least temporarily) in one of the home’s on SpaceX’s campus in Boca Chica, Texas.
Looks like Musk is once again ahead of the curve. Las Vegas-based Boxabl reportedly has a wait list numbering tens of thousands of customers for its prefab homes that sell for $49,500. The houses ship flat pack and assemble in less than a day.
Check out this video to see a Boxabl home set up and take a tour of its interior.
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